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Do you want to decor a wall at your home, your company or at your cabin?

Maybe you just want to give a nice present for your family or friend?

Please chech out our posibilties to produce different hight quality prints of photos at this web-page!


I will really recomend the aluminum print and galleri print that will give the picture a high quality look, with good depht and sharpness.

Examples at prices (depends at the file-size after cropping (with x hight). All pictures at the web-site are high quality pictures, and full .jpg download is posibible online from your computer after a deal with us.


Direct print at aluminimplate

30 x 45 = 289 + 

40 x 60 = 439

60 x 90 = 899

80 x 120 =1499

100 x 150 = 


Gallery prints

30 x 45 = 499,- + 

40 x 60 = 799,- +

60 x 90 = 899,- +

80 x 120 =1499,-

100 x 150 =1999,- 




You can also bye semi-gloss prints, and rights to use .jpg files for promoting web-sites or in books, magazines etc.


Examples on prizes:








For different use in internet promotions, please send me a e-mail form this site, and I can give you a good that depends on use.

All images copyright Jan-Rune Samuelsen
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